Author: CR Staff

Listen to The Liza Colby Sound’s ‘Cryin’

NYC-based singer Liza Colby have unveiled her latest single under The Liza Colby Sound, her rock n roll musical project which is comprised of a trio of heavy-hitting musicians. Delivering a fiery dose of unadulterated rock straight with no chaser, Colby’s vocals soar like an arrow leaving the bow, aiming straight the heart of the target. ‘Cryin’ is taken from her forthcoming EP ‘Draw’, out November 17th.

Eliza Returns with Her Funk-Driven Single ‘Wasn’t Looking’

Eliza now formerly known as Eliza Doolittle returns with a fresh direction, stepping forth with a new single entitled ‘Wasn’t Looking’. Keeping the production minimal with the emphasis being on the bass and drums, Eliza uses the space in between to let her voice fill any voids, marking her a transformation full of zest and spunk. You can stream ‘Wasn’t Looking’ down at the bottom. Read more […]

Liima ‘2-Hearted’ Video

With their second album ‘1982’ scheduled to get released on November 3rd, Liima enlist photographer and director Mariana Bisti to create stunning visuals for their video ‘2-Hearted’. Constructed of breathtaking aerial views of Hong Kong architecture, the images are a part of Bisti’s ‘wěndìng fánróng’ series, shot during her 10-week stay as artist-in-residence in the city.

Fehm Share Their New Post-Punk Track ‘Human Age’

Leeds band Fehm make what we like to call, glorious post punk. With a slew of incredible recordings under their belt, their latest track ‘Human Age’ feels needed in this day and age. What can be considered a time of uncertainty, the song is a soundtrack to questioning and action needed to navigate the now. Pushed by stark post-punk and cold wave sonics, there is everything to love about this track and Fehm themselves. The tune is taken from their double A-side release ‘Human Age / Last Breath’. Have a listen.

Check Out Trudy and the Romance’s 50s-Inspired ‘Twist It, Shake It. Rock & Roll’

Trio Trudy and the Romance will release their EP ‘Junkyard Jazz’ on November 17th via B3SCI. Having recently shared their single ‘Is There A Place I Can Go’, the band now unveil their new cut ‘Twist It, Shake It. Rock & Roll’. Drawing inspiration from a 50s classicism of rock, the group’s mutant spin on the sound embodied with a sort of punk freedom makes for one fascinating experience.

Art Comes First Unveil Billism AW17 Collection

Art Comes First have unveiled their latest Autumn/Winter 17 collection, drawing inspiration from from the Bills of Léopoldville, who were active in the 1950s. The Congolese teenagers who adopted American western styling, opposed the political climate at that time. The ACF crew have mixed husky denim with classic creepers, leather vests with tassel fringe details, bespoke suiting and trucker caps. The campaign features the stylish siblings of the Akins Collective. Read more […]

Stream Evelinn Trouble’s Lush Single ‘Sunset Everytime’

Swiss-born, now Berlin-based singer and artist Evelinn Trouble continues to push through any boundaries of normality with her latest single ‘Sunset Everytime’. A woozy and hazy taste of alt-pop, the song is the closing of a chapter and the start of a new beginning, which was a manifestation in Trouble’s personal life. Swaying 50s guitar riffs coincide with light drumming as the song morphs into a haunting dreamlike state.

False Advertising ‘Hey You’ Video

Manchester band False Advertising embrace the art of biking in their latest video ‘Hey You’. What you have here is the band basically cycling around the city in some sort of race whilst at times suffering from harassment and even the lovely act of a band mate flipping over on his bike. This video will either make you want to rush and hit the road with your cycle or boycott it all together. ‘Hey You’ is directed by Callum Scott Dyson. Touching on the video False Advertising wrote: “None Read more […]

First Hate ‘A Prayer For The Unemployed’ Video

Copenhagen-based duo First Hate have shared visuals for their single ‘A Prayer For The Unemployed’. Directed by Anton Falck, the dreamy video depicts a tale of love beginning with a woman sitting unhappily by a pond. Suddenly a guy riding a horse pulls up, and the journey begins. The pair showers each other with affection whilst kindly wearing matching First Hate attire. ‘A Prayer For The Unemployed’ is taken from First Hate’s debut album boasting the same title, out now on Escho Records. Read more […]